Christian Gerber

Managing Director

My motivation: to accomplish something meaningful together with other people.

Heinz Kirchhofer

Managing Director

"You must try the impossible to reach the possible." Hermann Hesse

Marcos Lopez

Key Account Manager

Working for ITConcepts means: trust, independence, encouragement, challenge, goal orientation and, last but not least, room for humorous comments. What else could you wish for?

Panajotis Zissis

Account Manager

At ITConcepts we sell cool software solutions that meet all our customers' requirements. My job allows me to work independently and an awesome team keeps motivating me each day.

Hans-Peter Odermatt

Regional Sales Manager

It’s a pleasure to design individual solutions based on market leading software.
Above all, with well-established team with extensive know-how to build on.

Esther Schär

Recruitment Manager

Behind each job application there is an individual with an interesting history. Behind each vacancy there is a customer with wishes, ideas, as well as expectations of the future employee. It is a challenge and my passion to bring people together who match on a personal and a professional level, who meet our company's expectations, and who would like to be part of a successful team.

Markus Kirchhofer

Manager Project Office

I enjoy working for ITConcepts because we are a great team and I have the opportunity of working independently on a variety of interesting projects.

Josef Rothschild

Manager Finances & Administration

As an SME, ITConcepts is a company with stimulating tasks and a pleasant work environment. My coworkers are loyal and helpful.

Angela Zimmermann

Responsible for the Back Office

Thanks to the great expertise how of my supervisors and colleagues I can always learn new and exciting things. Like that – work is fun!

Beni Anderhalden

Team Leader ITSM Zürich and Basel

ITConcepts offers a motivating work environment and supports my professional development.
The company is based on a cooperative management style and encourages a team-oriented work atmosphere, in other words: work becomes an event.
ITConcepts offers solutions that meet the highest requirements, both on a qualitative and a technological level. We apply state-of-the-art technology and that is the reason why my customers are always a step ahead in gaining market advantages over their competitors. Flexibility, motivation and a great team contribute to an excellent work environment that encourages top performance.

Patrik Sidler

Senior Consultant and Teamleader

ITConcepts offers everything what it needs for an interesting work. Various projects, challenging customers and a team which is willing to make the impossible possible.

Patrick Zumbrunn

Team Leader ITSM Bern & Service Management Consultant

What I especially like about ITConcepts is that they give me the freedom of decision making and, as a result, I have the chance to take on responsibility.