Cloud Cost Management


Control and optimize your Multi-Cloud Costs

As part of the digital transformation more and more organisations are adding public cloud infrastructure to their on-premises virtual and private cloud environments.

But many organizations are struggling to keep their public cloud costs under control. Larger enterprises run a diverse range of IT resources that include multiple public cloud platforms and private clouds supported by technology from many vendors (such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle,…) and running across geographic locations. It makes it almost impossible to manage it effectively.

This leads to the risk of redundant and overprovisioned services.

Get visibility into your Multi-Cloud Costs

Regardless of whether you are using one or more public cloud providers, BMC Helix Cloud Cost provides visibility and control of cloud resource usage and costs.

  • Track and manage cloud costs with a transparent multi-cloud infrastructure.
  • Simulate migrations and deploy the right resources at the right costs.
  • Eliminate wasted expenses by properly dimensioning resources and scheduling idle resources.
  • Avoid budget overruns by being aware of changes in expenses.
  • Maximize your savings by effectively using reserved instances.

The ability to easily simulate migrations to the public cloud providers and compare on-premises and public cloud infrastructure costs helps you to run your applications on the most cost-efficient infrastructure.


View resources and gain insights


Optimize resource use and cost


Track budget and spend


Establish business policies for governance

Implementing IT solutions since 20 years

Our ITConcepts’ BMC consulting team is certified and has more than 20 years of experience with design, implement and support of BMC solutions. We can provide organizations assistance during the initial planning & assessment phase all the way through implementation and training.

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