Datacenter Discovery ADDM


Deliver fast, accurate, and secure cloud and on-premises asset visibility

As data centers are growing in size and complexity, new ways to deliver digital services are being released (cloud, converged infrastructure, software-defined everything, etc), with systems that often have limited or non-standard means of communications and co-exist with legacy infrastructure and software. For IT to keep control, a greater understanding of software and hardware dependencies is required.

Not knowing what you have in your environment introduces risks. There is a security risk because you cannot secure systems unless you know what they are, and there is financial risk because these systems are costly to operate in the data center.

Understand what is in your data center

The data centers of today's enterprises are undergoing a transformation that involves optimizing existing assets while maintaining a lean, secure, and flexible business. It is important to get a complete visibility into your on premise and cloud resources.

BMC Helix Discovery

With BMC Helix Discovery, you can make the most of existing storage space, recycle virtual machines and dispose of unused hardware and software.

This digital enterprise management solution automates asset discovery and application dependency mapping so you can get a holistic view of your data center and multi-cloud assets, highlights their relationships, and gives IT crucial visibility into how the infrastructure enables the digital business.

It ensures stronger security and improves service, change and problem management. Software license and hardware savings are enabled.

BMC Helix Discovery offers you:

Cost transparency

  • Understand infrastructure cost and trends to proactively manage IT spend to budget
  • Manage application costs and resourcing
  • Optimize run costs and shift savings to innovation projects
  • Prioritize multi-cloud investment decisions
  • Drive shared accountability of IT costs with the business

Enhanced security

  • Document inventory for compliance requirements
  • Identify servers or workloads that could be back door entry points
  • Understand the business impact of a threat and which assets may be affected
  • Control configuration access rights, encryption, and depth of discovery actions

Service awareness

  • Multi-cloud strategy
  • Have a single source for your application dependency documentation
  • Improve Change Advisory Board efficiency with trusted data for impact analysis
  • Prioritize and route tickets based on an application's business impact
  • Reduce MTTR (mean time to recovery) with accurate data for root cause analysis
  • Identify infrastructure weak points to stay ahead of problems
  • Eliminate manual efforts to collect configuration data


  • Understand current environment and footprint for transformation planning
  • Group and prioritize what should be transformed or consolidated
  • Execute and establish new baselines

Trust in our expertise!

Our ITConcepts’ BMC Discovery consulting team is certified and has more than 20 years of experience with design, implement and support of BMC Helix Discovery. We are known within BMC for having deep, rich Discovery expertise and experience. We can provide organizations assistance during the initial planning & assessment phase all the way through implementation and training.

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