Ensure smooth processes
in your IT
Transform your IT infrastructure
We have been working with the best of the best from the fields of IT service management, IT operation management, IT security and big data analysis for 20 years in order to usefully automate your IT services and to continuously optimize IT processes.
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Predictive IT service management
for your modern enterprise
Deployed from the cloud or your own data center, BMC Helix ITSM delivers an intuitive user experience, increased service flexibility, integration with other business units, and lower IT costs.
Intelligence for
IT Operations
Switch from reactive to predictive to detect IT issues before they occur.
Job Scheduling &
Workload Automation
Automate application processes quickly flexibly and reliably
Increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction with time-saving features for your planners, developers, and users.

Digital Transformation

Smart IT Solutions for your Business

ITConcepts is one of the leading providers for the efficient automation of business processes. Our expertise comprises IT Service Management, IT Security, Identity and Access Management as well as IT Operation and Automation and Big Data Analytics.

IT Software Integration

Our software concepts focus on the optimization of IT Operations in a business environment.

Based on ITIL we integrate and implement on site, together with our customer, complex solutions with a view to the tactical and strategic objectives, including expert consultation and training. This allows us to guarantee a smooth interface between process, software, and human interaction.

We exclusively draw on internationally renowned software manufacturers. According to this we provide always the best Software solution to your needs.

Our Software Partners

Tailored IT solutions

IT Service Management
The increasing complexity of IT processes imposes a huge challenge on your company. Operations must be consistently optimised and automated to enable your IT services to cover all customer requirements.
IT Operation
Do you need your IT components to run 24/7 or a 2x8 shift service, an additional on-call service or a weekend service? We will create an operational concept that is geared precisely to your specifications and requirements.
IT Security
Cyber crime is causing growing concern for IT organisations. More and more sophisticated methods are being developed to exploit security loopholes. This means that malware can reach your company and spy on your data.
IT Training
We provide professional training sessions for our entire product range. The course contents are geared to the individual needs of our customers and constantly up-dated to the latest software versions and changing requirements.
IT Operation Management
IT Operation Management is responsible for carrying out ongoing routine activities connected with the operation of infrastructure components and applications.
IT Project Management
In today's world, IT projects are becoming increasingly complex, making professional project manager more and more important.

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